Android Apps Capture Loudspeaker Data Without Any Permission

  • Juli 18th, 2019
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Source: TheHackerNews

Spearphone Attack: Spy On Calls, Voice Notes, and Multimedia

According to the researchers, the Spearphone attack can be used to learn about the contents of the audio played by the victim—selected from the device gallery over the Internet, or voice notes received over the instant messaging applications like WhatsApp.

“The proposed attack can eavesdrop on voice calls to compromise the speech privacy of a remote end-user in the call,” the researchers explain.

“Personal information such as social security number, birthday, age, credit card details, banking account details, etc. consist mostly of numerical digits. So, we believe that the limitation of our dataset size should not downplay the perceived threat level of our attack.”

Researchers also tested their attack against phone’s smart voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby, and successfully captured response (output results) to a user query over the phone’s loudspeaker.

android speaker hacking

The researchers believe that by using known techniques and tools, their Spearphone attack has “significant value as it can be created by low-profile attackers.”

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