A One-Stop Shop for Cyber Criminals

  • Mai 13th, 2016
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Source: Security Affairs

A group cyber criminals created Ran$umBin, A Dark web service which operates the one-stop shop for monetizing ransomware.

These days Ransomware are quite common and it is widespread and heavily used by cyber criminals as common tools to steal data as well as extort their owners. Few days back we had seen a new type of ransomware JIGSAW that caused psychological distress and then would probably encrypt all your data. This can be risky for the cyber criminals due to the fact that such operations require interaction with the victim and if the victim is ready to pay to get their stolen data back, it isn’t that easy to monetize such attacks. It’s just not an easy task for a cyber criminal to find a trustworthy Bitcoin launder, and to monetize their crime which can minimize the risk.

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